Don’t fight to please politicians, KAYOAB warns Kano youth


—Don’t fight to please politicians, KAYOAB warns Kano youth

YBTC News—Barely a fortnight to the first set of the 2019 General Elections, the Kano Youth Organization in Abuja (KAYOAB), has advised youth in the state to shun and disregard politicians inciting public nuisance before during and after the forth coming elections.

This is contained in statement issued Monday by the Public Relations Officer Kano Youth Organization Abuja Alhassan A. Bala said “It has been noticed that some youth in Kano are engaging in political thuggery and even fighting with their fellow youth in different parts of the state just because of differences in their political party affiliations,” the professional body laments.

Mr. Bala added that The politicians whom the youth are fighting for are friends or even have good relationship behind the scene of politics. As we can see how they are changing political parties, which shows us that they are not enemies but just differences in their political interests.

“Politicians in and outside Kano do not use their children, cousins or even nieces in any political thuggery or violence but rather the children of the less privilege or those who are not well educated just to achieve their goals, which after elections they abandoned them, the stated added.

“We urge our royal father His Highness, Muhammadu Sanusi II to engage village and district heads so as to enlighten parents not to allow their children to be used for political thuggery which will negatively affect the development of the state.

“The police have to also ensure that they take proactive measures in protecting the lives and properties of citizens and arrest anyone who is trying to cause violence in the society before, during and after the forth coming elections, no matter the political party belongs,” it stated

The body then called on Kano politicians to put the state’s interest first, more especially by focusing on policies and programmes that will help Kano youth to become active citizens in the process of development of the state.