Atiku vs Buhari: Who Is Afraid Of The Court?


Atiku vs Buhari: Who Is Afraid Of The Court?

When the Independent National Electoral Commission declared President Muhammadu Buhari Winner for a second term, there were jubilation in some quarters while some others alleged foul play .

The leading opposition party (People’s Democratic Party) had claimed that there was rigging and thus they will reject the result of the Presidential election. Although many have argued that only sore losers refuse to accept election results especially with series of congratulatory messages but I have seen it in my own perspective differently.

To be very clear, I am not a symphatizer to any party, as a matter of fact I am simply a very concerned Nigerian who wants progress for democracy. I have read that All progressives Congress and People’s Democratic Party are negotiating an out of court settlement, some have called it a political settlement and I must state that when I felt bad getting wind of this information, I also still feel bad.

The danger in such arrangement is that we are opening our democracy to outright ridicule. The danger we are portraying is that anyone or any party can decide to act in a way that ridicule the political system and bank on political settlement after the elections.

In a democratic process, it is only appropriate that if a party feels shortchanged , they should be allowed to approach a competent court of law, while we cannot substantiate allegations of foul play yet, we cannot shy away from the fact that many incidences occured during the polls that still exposed our under-development yet as giant of Africa. There has been accusations and counter accusations on who is responsible . The people’s Democratic Party has said it has evidences of malpractice, it will be very painful if we sweep this issues under the carpet in the name of stability in the c country.

There is no need for the government in power to be jittery If they are also so sure nothing happened during the election that can nail them at a competent court of law, they will concentrate on governance since they have no skeleton in their cupboard.

A competent court remains the most viable voice for the voiceless and that must not be taken away.

We should not enshrine a case which electoral malpractice, fraud will be settled in the room .

Let the court be the judge of the cases .

If having a court case on an election can also help to strengthen our electoral principles we should not shy away from it. The issue of out of court settlement for electoral suspicions or suspicions of electoral fraud breeds nothing but selfcentredness.

This is a time to test the system, while I am not really nailing any party , I feel this negotiation is wrong and should not stand.

It is surprising when I saw that one of the requests reportedly asked is reforming our electoral system, the question is are we ready to also reform Nigerians?

The Court is a peaceful setting and no one should be scared once you are free , you should run the government without fear .

Once again, I posit that the negotiation is not in the interest of Nigerians and should be shelved by the ruling All Progressives Congress and People’s Democratic Party , it is dangerous to our democracy.

Aroghalu Chidozie Law

Writes From Abuja