—Ramadan: Kwara PDP Assembly candidate feeds 5,000 Muslims


—Ramadan: Kwara PDP Assembly candidate feeds 5,000 Muslims

YBTC News—Honourable Abdulmajeed Olanrewaju-Oba, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidate for Kwara Assembly in the 2019 elections, has fed over 5, 000 Muslims in Ilorin and Surulere local government areas of Kwara and Lagos States respectively.

YBTC News reports that under the Olanrewaju Oba Foundation, TOOF, the philanthropist had been providing free meal packs to thousands of Muslims since the commencement of the month Ramadan.

Speaking during one of the Iftar (fast-breaking) food distribution sessions, Mr Olanrewaju-Oba disclosed that before the end of the Ramadan month he hoped to feed over 10,000 Muslims.

According to him, the decision to provide free meals to Ilorin and Surulere residents stemmed from a realisation that many families were undergoing serious economic hardship in the country.

He noted that the feeding exercise would also help to provide soothing relief to those who were finding it difficult to feed during fasting and, at the same time, feed their families.

Honourable Olanrewaju-Oba said: “The religion of Al-Islam exhorts the rich to always assist the needy, especially during the month of Ramadan, because of the immense spiritual benefits that will accrue to them.

“Those who are blessed financially should know that assisting the needy and catering for the less privileged in this great month will attract massive reward for them.”