10 dangers associated with use of beauty cosmetic (make-up)


Cosmetic is one such thing which women’s will never forget to buy on the other hand apply the make up as cosmetics is usually referred as Make up. It is the combination of chemical compounds which ae derived some from natural resources and other used in synthetic way. No doubt it is used as care products for the appearance or odour of the body but it has been scientifically tested and experimented that due to the presence synthetic elements they may cause side effects or reactions to the body. Branded Companies have been complained for their products which are against scientific results. Cosmetics products are usually used on the other hand they are even criticized also due to its various disadvantages one should be careful enough to check expiry date to save from any skin allergy. Thus one using should know what is their skin type and which is better product apart from this one should also know disadvantages of using make up products excessively.

10. Psychological Factor

Cosmetics usage clearly indicates its physical appearance factors and social self esteem as these cosmetic products are mostly used by ladies thus they raise the issue of maintaining social standards in their own society as their mind set is inclined towards all these glamorous things. It has been observed that ladies use branded cosmetics products just for the sake of socialization without knowing its disadvantages which is the foremost requirement before applying makeup as it leads to various bad effects.

9. Breakouts around the mouth

It has been noticed that excessive use of lip balm or lipstick can cause breakouts around the lips which cause irritation and social self esteem as one is unable to talk properly. This is one of the common disadvantage as lipsticks are mostly used as a result of which they lose the tendency to moisturize themselves thus dryness occur and breakouts. Breakouts can also appear on chin and cheeks if one uses excessive foundation.

8. Expensive

People move towards branded cosmetics products as they have the notion that they are of good quality on the other hand they forget that they are too expensive to buy. One living in high standard of society can afford to buy all these cosmetic products but one living simple and middle life cannot. One should never make mistake of buying costly and branded product with this notion as there is no guarantee of cosmetic products from deodorants till moisturizers.

7. Blemishes

Blemishes can occur due to hormonal imbalance and due to some other physical health problem and excessive use of cosmetics. Most of the ladies try to conceal their pimples with overuse of makeup but this is something really harmful for them as it may further cause the occurrence of blemishes which make on skin look bad. Blemishes are nothing but dark spots on skin it can be cured by eating more of vitamin food and if required one can apply cream recommended by a Doctor.

6. May cause cancer

One of the worst disadvantages caused by cosmetic products is cancer if not used or applied carefully and by checking. Some artificial colors, use of hair dyes and talc chemicals used in sensitive area can cause cancer or other problems even shampoos nail paints or fragrance products contain synthetic fragrances which are harmful to smell also. Cosmetic products from talc till perfume contain chemicals which may or may not suit one skin thus one should always check on his/her skin before applying this will save them from any reaction on skin and other body parts.

5. Thinning eyelashes

There are teenagers who mostly use mascara and kajal to make their eyes look beautiful and attractive but they forgot that they are using artificial substances which contain chemicals and in the end they often suffer from side effects. Excessive uses of mascara or kajal can thinner their lashes at some point of life. Loss of eyelashes is quite common due to allergic reactions of cosmetics thus these cosmetic products should be done careful and less.

4. Dermatitis

This skin problem can be of two types one which damages outer layer of skin and other which causes allergy due to use of cosmetic product which doesn’t suit one skin. Both these lead to one thing of rashes, pimples and irritation but one is lighter and other can damage your skin badly which lead to consult doctor if not determined on time.

3. Eye Problems

People using excessive cosmetic products often complain about eye problems such as itching, swelling, thinning eyelashes and small pores around he eyes. These common problems are caused by these products only due to presence of strong chemicals which companys have added to make their products more superior than others. People should always buy those products which are fresh by checking expiry date on the other hand usage should be minimize as it leads to eye allergies.

2. Allergic Reactions on skin

By applying makeup one can look and feel beautiful but the actual fact of using artificial things can never be denied as these artificial products causes various skin and body problems. Dermatitis is the part of allergies on the other hand synthetic fragrances in perfumes and deodorants can cause asthma and cancer. Usage of facial creams and moisturizers can lead to rashes on the face which give negative feeling to the one which have used Thus every person while using cosmetic product should be vigilant and decrease its usage.

1. Cause Acne, Pimples

This is one of the most common problems which is caused due to makeup or cosmetic products. The other cause of pimples or acne can be one hormonal changes which is quite common and natural thus one cause can be cured even be eliminated. One way to save from acne cosmetic is to buy those products which are non comedogenic which will decrease the tendency of clogging of pores thus less formation of oil and pimples.


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