Fake leaders: Youth council denies endorsing Buhari, cautions against impersonators


—Fake leaders: Youth council denies endorsing Buhari, cautions against impersonators

YBTC News—It has been brought to our attention that some people led by one Sukubo Saraigbe Sokubo have gathered somewhere to endorse the candidacy of President Muhammadu Buhari in the name of the National Youth Council of Nigeria. We hereby disassociate ourselves with them and their endorsement. We also wish to state categorically clear that we have nothing against the President and we will continue to work for the progress of this administration.

It is pertinent to note, that the National Youth Council of Nigeria as an umbrella body of the Nigerian Youth is a non partisan organisation and thereby cannot indulge into partisan politics. It is unconstitutional and unethical. It will be unfair to do so on behalf of the entire Nigerian youth without consulting the young people of Nigeria who belong to different political parties.

Since our emergence on 24th July 2018 in an election supervised by the Ministry for Youth & Sports development, we have been working hard to reposition the council and save it from further degradation.

As a result our leadership has been faced with opposition by some government cronies, businessmen and top politicians who have been working tirelessly to spoil our efforts and that of the Minister for Youth & Sports development by jeopardizing our leadership for their personal gains.

That is what led the Sokubo Saraigbe Sokubo group to purport a kangaroo court order claiming that our exco have been dissolved so that they can perpetuate their illegality. Whereas, neither my exco, nor the National Youth Council have been joined in the so called court order. And the purported order did not also confer leadership on anybody. Those who entered the case are also not members of the youth council neither does a court in Nasarawa has the jurisdiction to hear the matter of our election which was a National election held in Gombe.

The so called Sokubo Saraigbe Sokubo who refer himself as the president of the council , is neither here nor there as he describes himself both as the Chairman of Rivers State and President of the National Body at the same time. Therefore he is none. And for the avoidance of doubt, he is not a member of the NYCN but rather an impostor who uses such tactics to defraud the general public.

I hereby want to declare that The NYCN is under threat. Hence, we charge the presidency and other agencies to quickly disassociate themselves with the activities of Sokubo Saraigbe Sokubo criminal group and to save the youth council from further embarrassment.

We also want charge the presidency to investigate and checkmate those within and without the government who are spending their resources endlessly to create division among the Nigerian Youth.

The leadership of the National Youth Council of Nigeria under me will continue to be non partisan, all inclusive, responsive and will continue to work to protect the integrity and credibility of the organization in the overall interest Nigerian youth.

Bello Shagari,
President, National Youth Council of Nigeria


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