A call to MR President


Politics Today with Abdullahi Yusuf Tela

YBTC News-Sir, I hope this memo finds its way to your reading pleasure, perhaps even if it is through a proxy. Take this as one of the voices of the people who voted for you in 2015 and subsequently, 2019 with a clear and meaningful expectation that Nigeria will be taken to the Next Level. Yes. The long-anticipated Next level.

Sir, it will be ungrateful for me as a Nigerian not to appreciate your dexterity and resilience in bringing one of the most beneficial initiatives by any government in Nigeria.

The creation of the N-Power is arguably the best human development project of this administration. Many youths across the country have benefited from the government’s purse through the N-Power programme. Thanks to your administration.

Secondly, aside N-Power you created a whole ministry called the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Social Development, and Disaster Management that will focus its attention on assisting the poor of the poorest people in the country.

This ministry have controlled various programmes such as the Trademoni, Maketmoni, Home School Feeding Programme, and other empowerment schemes to bring an end to poverty and youth unemployment in the country. This is highly commendable.

However, it seems what your administration promised to the common man in Nigeria is not coming forth. Let me divert from being a hailer to a wailer, Baba, honestly, this is not what you promised us in 2015.

A few weeks ago, an old post of one of your media assistants on new media, Bashir Ahmed became viral online where he said the second term of this administration shall be: education and education. But what education was Bashir really envisaging at? Is it the one that will make university teachers stay at home for several months(longest ever) without recourse to the implication of the whole thing?

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Presently the 2021 budget has shown that education has suffered a percentage decline when compared to other previous years. Why are the resources allocated to the education ministry not improving but always decreasing? Could that be attention or inattention?

Aside from education, your administration promised security. It is on the record that you came to power on the security loopholes of the Jonathan led administration. In fact, you once came out in an interview in 2015 and condemned the postponement of the elections on the grounds of security.

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Today, the security situation of the country keeps deteriorating like a sick patient on the hospital bed who is rapidly dying. Kidnappings across the country most especially in the northern part of the country have now become abnormally usual. Hardly, a day passes one won’t hear news of kidnappings and banditry in the media or in his/her neighborhood.

In the meantime, the rate of banditry and terrorist attacks in the north has crippled farming activities, left many homeless and displaced as well as created a big turmoil in the country.

Sir, recently, after the Zabarmi attack by the self-acclaimed Boko Haram sect, there was a wide call from various quarters to replace the service chiefs whose performance isn’t yielding positive results in the continued fight against insurgency, banditry, and kidnappings across the country. Yet, Mr. President has played deaf ears to the calls.

To make it clear sir, changing the service chiefs would not bring immediate succor to the affected areas but at least giving other officers to try their own tactics will help to ascertain the best method to fight the insurgents.

Sir, economically, we are living a harsh life that around August 2020, Nigeria surpassed India in becoming the World Capital of Poverty with the largest rate of people living in extreme poverty. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, more than 82 million Nigerians live on less than $1 a day which is the benchmark given by the World Bank. It is very appalling that a nation that boasts of being the third-largest producer of crude oil in the world has become the world capital of Poverty.

We were told by experts that we are the largest economy in Africa but what can the poor man boast of? Or is the large-ness of the economy meant for only the Dangote’s? Otedolas? Alakijas? Why aren’t we feeling the impact of the size of the economy?

Apologies for my poor economics if I’m wrong. But where is the big economy when all we do is buy commodities at high prices like we are buying foreign products? When fuel prices keep increasing without a rethink of the buying capacity of the masses.

Mr. President, we so much believed in you. We have shown you all the love you ever asked of. If you can recall during the 2015 elections how we not only voted for you but funded your campaigns through our little contributions. Sir, if you can recall during your sickness, we held special prayers all for your quick recuperation.

Sir, consider this as a wake-up call, not as a plot to bring your government down(as usually perceived by your aides). I hope you will answer our calls at the nearest possible time


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