ABU Zaria: Unfair and Ill Treatment of Tijaniyyah Brothers on Campus is Condemnable —AFIMN


—ABU Zaria: Unfair and Ill Treatment of Tijaniyyah Brothers on Campus is Condemnable —AFIMN

YBTC News—The Bizarre ban of activities of adherents of Tijaniyyah in A.B.U, Zaria by the so called MSSN extremists having the backing of the University Management is indeed a threat to the freedom of practicing religion based on ideological understanding and remains condemned.

Perhaps, being poignant over this terrible action done by the aforementioned extremists won’t change anything. In fact, it will only arouse their egocentric self whim to be engaging on more violence to dominate every activity in the name of MSSN, therefore we must stand against injustice and oppression.

Silence amidst oppression will never be a solution. We need to stand firmly and come back to our senses to fight for our freedom; hence nobody would fight for us but our selves.

Let’s look up to our Christian counterpart; do they not have divergent understanding ideologically and theologically, then why are they not fighting themselves? Does that mean they do not have difference of ideas among them? They understand their differences, and they unite against their one enemy. Also, our enemy is one. It’s our prime duty as Muslims to unite ourselves without looking towards ones ideological understanding.

This might be a bitter truth but the fact that is; what happened to our Tijaniyyah brothers can be done to any other sect in Islam and our brothers and sisters from other religious denominations here on campus. The MSSN is one of the machineries of sowing seeds of discord among Muslims on campus.

MSSN as a body established to serve the interest of the Muslims Ummah has unfortunately turned out to be a Trojan horse of Wahhabi evangelism on campus.

What happened at ICSA/RAMAT mosque recently and persistent closure of the Mosque by the School Management hindering the brothers from observing their Religious obligations in the Mosque is condemned. There is no sensible reason a sect in the campus to assumed authority over who will hold any religious activities in the mosque premises or assume to be in control of a mosque belonging to almighty Allah (SWT) or tends to regulate someone’s Faith.

This is a big shame on our fellow brothers in Islam who fail to compromise with their fellow brothers in Islam but resulted into physical assault, despite this aggressive response by this so-called MSSN. Sadly, the school sees nothing in it but to favor one sect over the other to the extent of revoking Sufi association and it activities on campus on a baseless ground, such unjust and ill treatment is barbaric.

This is an institution where everyone should be allowed to practice whatever they believe in, after all there is freedom of religion and expression in the country, the institution laws will never supersede the country’s law. So, the school authority should look into this critically rather than been sentimental in their judgment, we are humans before all or choosing to be Muslims, and we are Muslims before going into any other sect, the school authority should not attempt to divide us, because we will always stand for our brothers in Islam.

Therefore we say no to such unfair and ill treatment of our fellow brothers.

Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria condemned the ill-mannered treatment of our Sufi brothers and we call on every well-meaning student who don’t judge base on emotions and sentiment to stand and say no to this injustice, but if you illuminated the attitude of I don’t care, the waves and tides of the ocean might get to you tomorrow.

In essence the sky is big enough for all birds to carry out their activities without meddling into others business. We can create breathing space for one another.

May almighty Allah destroy all the wreckers and egoist behind this uncivilized and barbaric act, which was deliberately orchestrated to flame a sectarian crises among Muslims Ummah in the Campus.


Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria
A.B.U Zaria Chapter.


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