Adagunodo Is My Godfather- Tunde Eso


A Governorship Aspirant of the Osun State under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party has said Honourable Soji Adagunodo the State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party is his God Father.

This was made by him while reacting to the rumour been spread online about him.

Speaking with the Governorship Aspirant, Tunde Eso who said, “I usually refer to him as my daddy and we had an agreement that he remains my godfather when he invited me to a private meeting in January 2017.

He told me, “Tunde Eso, I like you because you are unlimited and intelligent. As a youth I want you to continue sensitising the youth as you have been doing for almost a year.”

‘He also appealed to me not to go to another party to run for governorship election, but remain in PDP. He asked me to begin campaigning among the youth for senator Ademola Adeleke which I did with my youthful energy and money.

In fact, when I didn’t respond on time he called severally and advised I should give all my strength to the success of Osun West bye election in July 2017, which I did.”

Eso disclosed that he has spent millions of naira in the past two years since he started the journey as governorship candidate. He also said he spent large sums of money during Osun West bye election.

According to him, “If I can constitute my campaign coordinators in 31 local government areas for over two years and they are all working effectively, any politician should know what that means.”

However, he says he wants to believe it is a mere rumour that the state party chairman in Osun State will grant a telephone interview to discourage thousands of his (Tunde) followers who are mostly youths that will vote in the coming elections, when he is trying to get more members to win the race.

He feels that his party chairman is too knowledgeable to make such a statement to disqualify him. He says he respects the chairman very much and many people don’t even know that there was no decision taken by him without the chairman’s approval.

He says he has been a financial contributor to the party since 1999 in his little way and his loyalty to PDP and party leaders also remain intact.

He therefore wants to encourage and advise his numerous followers to hold their peace until the issue of his removal from the race is settled amicably.

Meanwhile, he has promised to meet all obligatory financial commitments to PDP.

Eso said, “we can not afford to present a wrong candidate as party flag bearer because youth inclusion is very key to winning the race.

According to him, “I stand for the youth and I have been their voice in this contest,” he added.


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