Ag IGP inaugurates operation “Puff Adder” on Abuja/ Kaduna highway


—Ag IGP inaugurates operation “Puff Adder” on Abuja/ Kaduna highway

YBTC News—The Acting Inspector-General of Police, (IGP) Mohammed Adamu, on Friday launched code “Operation Puff Adder” on Abuja-Kaduna highway.

Adamu said Operation Puff Adder was a well thought out and major operation being launched by the police, NAN report.

He said that it was aimed at re-dominating and reclaiming the public space from heinous criminal elements bent on threatening the internal security order.

According to him, the operation will cover Abuja-Kaduna highway and the adjoining communities and extend to Kogi, Katsina, Niger and Zamfara states.

“To the criminal elements, let me sound this note of warning loud and clear.

“Give up your criminal activities, embrace other legitimate means of livelihood or be prepared for the consequences of your criminality.

“The citizens and the police are now united in their resolve to take the battle to your doorsteps and bring you to deserved justice,” he said.

The IGP said crimes, particularly those that endanger the lives and property of citizens do not represent the traditional values as a people.

“No nation develops to its optimal potentials in an environment of crimes and fear of criminality.

“Unfortunately, the activities of organised and murderous criminals across the country have evolved to become a threat not only to these values but to our internal security.

“There must, therefore, come a time in the life of a nation when we, as a people, must strengthen our will, and resolve to mobilise and deploy all our assets towards confronting these criminal elements.

“Take the battle to their doorsteps and make a clear statement that the few deviants among us cannot and will not re-order our cherished national values.

“The time is now and today’s action by the Nigerian Police is aimed at this direction and it is in direct compliance with the directives of Mr President to the Nigeria Police, to re-evaluate and emplace new operational strategies.

“This is in order to stem the tide of kidnapping, armed robbery, Armed banditry and sundry highly organised crimes across the country within the shortest possible time. ”


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