Again, Ile Ife Residents Jittery as Flood “Threatens” to Sack Community


—Again, Ile Ife Residents Jittery as Flood “Threatens” to Sack Community

YBTC News—Residents of the Ile Ife community has expressed fear over the heavy downfall of rain which has been threatened by the drastic change of weather.

Speaking with a resident, Abiola Jimoh, he said ” am afraid at the current weather condition because it looks as if its going to rain cat and hell. We don’t want to have any issue with flood. The experience of flood that we had last year we haven’t gotten over it as many properties were carted away by thr raging flood”

“Ever since the flood issue we have not heard anything from the government. Am scared because the weather is really serious and we have been having series of rainfall accompanied by serious wind”

Speaking with a victim, Fatai Abdulaziz, who was affected by the flood that rocked the community last year has expressed fear at the roaring and flood threats.

In his words, he said ” I and my family are scared of staying at home anytime we see that the weather is changing. We spent some money repairing the house after the flood wrecked some havoc to the house. We don’t to be homeless as a result of the flood”

” We appeal to the government to provide a drainage system so as to guide against something like flood this year because if it happens, anybody can be affected and lives can be lost, this need to be prevented as a solution should be provided ” he added

Also speaking with s victim of the flood, Bello Ajayi, he said ” this rain this year is going to be heavy and this makes me and my family sleep in fear at night as we don’t know what might happen”

“We had to leave our house for some months when the flood issue happened last year. We have noticed that the rain has been falling consistently.

Speaking with a student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, from the Department of History 300L, he said, ” as a result of the heavy downpour of rain have not been able to go out as the rain has affected most of my belongings”

“Most of my properties have been affected by the rain and as I am right now the flood has rendered me homeless”

Speaking with another student from the Department of English Language 300L, she said, ” the rain was more than what I thought. All my belongings have all been carted away by the heavy flood. I had to go to a friend’s place in order to stay for shelter as I have no other clothes to wear”

“We plead to the Osun state Government to do something to this issue of flooding and they should come to our aid” she pleaded

It should be recalled that earlier last year, there was an heavy downpour of rain in Ile Ife Community which led to flood and sacked many residents out of their community


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