Atiku’s son on the run with child after losing custody battle to ex wife


Atiku was said to have snatched his son from the mother, locked him in his car and drove off.

The Nation reports that the incident happened around 1:59pm at the Tinubu’s Magistrate Court in Lagos, minutes after Kikelomo Ayeye, the chief magistrate, ruled in favour of Bolori.

Ayeye granted Bolori full custody of both children, Ameera and Aamir, after Atiku failed to file a response to her application for child custody.

The court ordered Atiku to pay Bolori N250,000 monthly for the upkeep of the children and ordered him to carry out medical insurance on the children.

Court proceedings were reportedly over before Atiku arrived with his legal team.

“The respondent failed to file a response. In view of the deliberate absence of the respondent and his legal team, I am constrained to make these following orders in default of respondent’s presence,” Ayeye said in her judgement.

“In the best interest of the children to wit: Unmi Fatima Bolori is hereby granted full custody of Aamir Abubakar Sadiq Aminu Atiku (seven years) and Ameera Amina Atiku (nine years).

“The applicant is allowed to reside with the children at her residence at Katampe Extension, Abuja. The applicant is ordered to put the children in schools suited for their educational needs in Abuja.

“Access is granted to the respondent to visit his children in Abuja and request for the children to spend holidays with him. The respondent is ordered to pay monthly upkeep for the children in the amount of N250,000 monthly beginning January 2018.

“The respondent is ordered to effect medical insurance on each of the children.”

Bolori and Atiku got married in 2007 but separated in 2011.

The Nation


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