Blood now cheaper than Petrol in Nigeria- Shehu Sani


    Senator representing Kaduna central, Shehu Sani, says blood is becoming cheaper than Petrol  in Nigeria

    Sani said Nigeria has now become a country of “mass murder, mass burial and continuous bereavement”.

    The senator said when a country is no more shocked by tragedy; it has lost its humanity.

    “In Nigeria today, blood is becoming cheaper than water and PMS. The most tragic of all tragedies is when tragedy becomes a routine in our daily lives,” he said in a statement.

    “We are in an era where our political class is toasting champagne on the tiles of new sepulcher. The silence and cowardice of the northern political elites to the mass killings going on in the north is out of fear that they can be labeled or blackmailed as being anti-government.

    “When a nation is no more shocked by tragedy, it has lost its humanity. When people are being killed every day, they are buried along with the integrity of their government and the honour of their leaders. When the right to life is not sacred, all other rights are incinerated.”

    The senator said President Muhammadu Buhari must stop the “sycophantic” culture of governors leaving their duty posts to visit him.

    “The new sycophantic political culture of governors leaving their duty post, in their respective states, almost on a daily basis to climb the Rock of Aso in order to pledge loyalty, leave their citizens in the hands of moribund and powerless deputy governors and at the mercy of well-armed killers,” he said.

    “President Buhari must ban state Governors from the daily ritual of visiting the villa while their homes burns.”


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