video: North, South Korea leaders meet at historic summit


President Kim Jong Un has become first North Korean leader to cross the line dividing the two Koreas since fighting ended in the Korean War. The Korean War ended in 1953.

Kim Jong Un shook hands with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Watch a video here:

In a symbolic move, Moon then joined Kim on the northern side of the line before both leaders stepped over to the southern side, where Friday’s summit will take place.

After entering the Peace House for the inter-Korean summit, Kim Jong Un wrote in the guest book “a new history begins now” and “an age of peace, at the starting point of history.”

Kim and Moon sat down for the beginning of the summit and made brief remarks in from of the cameras.

Kim said he wanted to hold “frank” discussions on current issues and hoped the summit could lead to a “good outcome”. I hope to write a new chapter between us, this is the starting point for us. We will make a new beginning,” he said. “Through today’s meeting, I hope we won’t go back to square one again and non-implementation of what we agree won’t happen again,” he added, referring to past agreements that were signed but fizzled. “I hope we can live up to the exceptions that other have on us”, and “I hope there can be agreements to fulfill those great expectations.”

Moon then made a few opening remarks before journalists were asked to leave.

“I hope the whole world is paying attention to the Spring that is spreading throughout the Korean peninsula,” he said. “There is a huge burden on our shoulders. “Your visit makes the military demarcation line a symbol of peace, not division,” he added.



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