“He who has nocourage to challenge and strive may never lay hold on his rightful throne even as a heir” – African Proverb

I have seen great potentials waste away. Many who should have been iconic heroes die as mere nobodies, not because they never found their purpose in life, but because they never had the courage to tour the path to greatness. They lacked gut.

Feared to stand for what they believed in no matter what, even it seems as if they stood alone. They settled for less, calling it ‘staying safe’.

Mind you, staying safe is not a bad idea after all, and as a matter of fact, it is wise to be cautious; to tread carefully.

The danger however sets in when the motive for staying safe is because of fear or doubt or, perhaps both.

Fear of what people might say, as though it adds to or reduces you; fear of how you might be viewed or received by others, as though they really matter in your assignment on earth; fear of criticism, fear of oppositions, fear of public scrutiny, fear of acceptability, fear of failure and worse still, fear of the unknown.

Doubt, a faithful accomplice of fear is a silent killer of destiny. It is almost too intangible to be noticed. So ‘insignificant’ but dangerous that it could be mistaken for fear itself.

It is not that some fear launching out. No. It is that they doubt their abilities to achieve, to be established, to be accomplished, to be successful or to be fulfilled.

Those who are thriving in the world are those with guts. Those courageous enough to challenge. Those with zeal to pursue. They are conquerors. They have defeated fear and doubt.

They have damned the consequences. They have burned the bridge.

They keep sacrificing their all for what they believe in.

They are too focused to be destracted.

They understand the risk in not taking risk at all.

They know the dangers in ‘staying safe’, the nobody-ness in being ‘okay’, the nothingness in settling for less!

They understand what time and chance means.

They are people who tap into opportunities ferociously.

They are curious. They are never comfortable on a spot.

They always go for more. They do not believe in impossibility.

They are too busy to be idle. They think out of the box. They have the understanding that they cannot afford to come to the world without making an impact.

They are a set of people that even God Almighty respect.

Dear Youths, the stage is set for us to take our rightful place in leadership.

The momentum is high. Even the oldies are leveraging on ‘supporting’ the YOUTHS to remain relevant.

All of them are now centering their campaigns on the YOUTHS.

This is the time to damn the consequences and take responsibility for our lives. Yes, it true that we all cannot front at the same time.

Some have taken up the mantle (at various levels) of salvaging our nation from the hand of wasters and looters, simplifying to an extent the work load ahead of us.

They are presenting us with a voice, and identity.

Salvaging our land from the hands scavengers is however not a one way thing, it is rather a reciprocal move. Inasmuch as we expect those fronting for us at various levels to represent us (Youths) well, it is also expedient that we stand with them and support them with all that we’ve got. By this, we all are fulfilling destiny as we were made for this!



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