Doing Good the ‘CEE’ way

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    Doing Good the ‘CEE’ way

    YBTC News-Since its inception in 2017 , the Centre for Equality and Equity ( CEE) in line with its core values of building peaceful co-existence, have provided platforms for youths to dialogue and address misconceptions about previous stereotypes/ biases on issues of religion and inter-cultural relations at both local and international levels thus, impacting positively in human development and creating a new generation of more orientated individuals.

    In recent time, the Center for Equality and Equity (CEE) have been in partnerships with renowned international and local institutions in it’s quest in achieving and maintaining the status quo of peace, across borders.

    In a similar vein, the Center, hopes to solicit funds in support of it’s initiative of supporting low-income students through its charity shop – “One Nigeria”.

    The “One Nigeria” initiative will rely on donations in the form of items paid for by willing individuals and delivered by the CEE in support of its course. These includes ; t-shirts and face caps among other selected items.

    This initiative, aims at promoting access to education, while fostering peace building, unity and tolerance across the diverse groups and belief systems in Nigeria through dialogue.

    The centre for equality and equity is a non-governmental organization founded by Mr Ajibola Oyelade with the goal of bridging peace across the nation and the globe through partnerships and strategic developed mechanisms.

    You can be a part of CEE’s way of giving back to the society.
    simply visit to make your donations today.

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