Patriot Group Launches Campaign for Positive Values In Ekiti


—Patriot Group Launches Campaign for Positive Values In Ekiti

YBTC News—The Patriot Group, a youth and Community development organization have launched a grassroot campaign in Ekiti State to awaken lost morals & encourage positive values.

The Group has called on Nigerians, especially the youths to shun negativity and embrace positive values.

During an interview with journalists in Ado Ekiti, Tosin Ajibare, President Of the Patriot Group remarked that it is imperative to deal with the issue of moral deficiency if we are to move forward as a People, as a State and as a Nation. He said, “When one looks at all the happenings going on in the country, the retrogressiveness, the rise in crimes, political violence, domestic violence, the level of corruption across board both private and public, ritual killings, fraudulent acts and the height of greed across corridors of power, one will realize that our matter is beyond shifting blames or making excuses.

“At no time have we had as much security agencies tackling every kind of crime, yet every form of negativity is still ballooning off the charts. This points to the fact that there is something inherently lost amongst the people & that thing is nothing other than Positive Values.”

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He said, “the Patriot Group will be collaborating with different youth groups and Civil Societies to make the campaign far reaching and productive.”

He also pointed out that the issue of moral deficiency is not just a youth problem but a general problem that manifests itself in every category of citizens, saying, “which is why our campaign is not just about youths but about the populace as a whole, it is not a youth campaign but a youth driven campaign and we will be taking our message across board, into every nook and cranny, into every sector, from the schools to the market, from the civil service sector to the artisans, from talking about exam malpractices and internet fraud to dishonest scales, from corrupt practices to fraudulent & deceptive attitude.

“It is our goal that our people become better, it is our goal that our people embrace honesty in all their dealings, It is our goal that our people eschew greed & avoid self-centeredness.

“We want a better State, we want a better Nation and we believe that one can only give what one has”, he concluded.

Oluwalana Daniel a 200level student of Faculty of Law Ekiti state university and member of the Patriot Group advocated the need for our religious institutions to teach and encourage moral uprightness, not just by way of mouth but by matching deeds with action. In his words, “you cannot condemning fraud and corruption but keep exalting fraudulent & corrupt people on the basis of being rich, it doesn’t tally”. He also recommended that, “it is high time educational institutions add the teaching of moral education to their curriculum and maybe even make anti-corruption a GST course in our tertiary institutions.”

Comrade Olanrewaju Ojuoluwa, a youth advocate and secretary to the Joint Council of Ekiti youths said, “it is important that the Nation looks at Value reorientation as a solution to the numerous problems plaguing the Country.” He made a call on both private and public institutions, most especially the National Orientation Agency to rise up to the issue of moral deficiency saying, “they should make it a task to teach our people, to be Good, to be Kind, to be Hardworking, to be Dutiful, to be Honest in Our Dealings, to Eschew Greed, to Avoid Self-Centeredness and most especially, to be Patriots.

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