Those who expect perfection first will never start.



By: Idowu Adeyemi

“I am not a writer, writing drains me, I do not have the kind of clairvoyance that writers have to be one. I am not this, I am not that………….”

It’s a very common attitude for people to dodge from doing something by claiming they do not have special talent for it. They often assume that certain level of creativity is reserved for those who have special talent for it. So, more often than not, they always sit in their comfort zone refusing to challenge themselves and become a better version of themselves. Well, let me agree with you that indeed there is a place of talent in achieving excellence but there is also the place of personal development.

Talent being your natural ability to do something, personal development being your will to work hard at something. It is often said that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard and it is true. Success is not a sacred, special or reserved calabash of drink reserved for only those who belong to a cult called “The talented”. Success is for those who will it, who want it and want it bad enough.

You will need to do a lot more than sitting in the corner admiring successful people to be great yourself. Stop expecting some supernatural spirit of creativity to descend upon you from above before you can start. No matter how beautiful the start of some people may seem to you, there is always a better version of that start and no matter how horrible your beginning may seem to you, you will get better if you keep at it.

You need to stop expecting your game to be perfect from the beginning, those who expect perfection first will never start. Do not be afraid to fail and look horrible, because your fear of failure is the beginning of failure. However, your will to start and get better is the beginning of success.

So dare to start that project today, even if it doesn’t grow as fast as you expect, it will not remain the same over time. Try and fail today but don’t fail to try, because a dream unattained is better than one unattempted. It is the slogan of failures to tell you, “if you don’t try, you cannot fail”, but remember, if you don’t try, you have failed by default.

Dear friends, give me no credit for these words, for they are not mine. I am the Oracle and I pluck this message from the lips of the gods.


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