FCTA Hospitals Are Rendering Full Services


FCTA Hospitals Are Rendering Full Services

YBTC News-The attention of the Federal Capital Territory Administration has been drawn to a newspaper publication saying that FCTA hospitals were currently rendering skeletal services due to the death o 20 medical doctors rom COVID-19.

This figure which is very far from the truth was credited to Dr Enemo Amadu, the President of the FCT chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association.

Although Dr Amadou has since said that he was misquoted, as the 20 fatalities he gave was the national figure cutting across the 36 States of the Federation and the FCT. it is still pertinent that the FCTA sets the records straight in view of the fact public confidence in public health institutions is very essential in the face of the current public health emergency orchestrated by COVID-19.

The current situation in FCT hospitals as at Monday, 28th December, 2020 are as follows

i. All FCT hospitals are operating at full capacity inclisive of emergencies for adults and children, delivery and maternity services, theatre services (operating 24 hour services), laboratory and pharmaceutical services, and hospital kitchens. All clinics will resume full services after the Christmas holidays on Tuesday, 29th of December, 2020.

ii. While there had been incidences where COVID-19 positive patients had infected some medical personnel, these personnel and indeed the patients have been treated and discharged and the affected hospital areas fully decontaminated without any adverse effect on the overall functionality of the hospitals.

iii. Since the first case of COVID-19 was recorded in the FCT, a total of 476 health workers inclusive of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory staff, drivers and other auxillary personnel have been infected by the virus. Of these figure, a total of 4 doctors have succumbed to the disease, the latest, a female doctor from Gwarimpa hospital passed on over the course of the week. There has not been any other recorded fatality of a health personnel over the last one week.

iv. It is important to mention that these fatalities have not in any way adversely affected the quality of services rendered in these hospitals and most certainly not to the point of rendering skeletal services.

v. The FCTA has since the beginning of the pandemic been in the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 and remains as committed as ever in efforts to contain the spread of the disease.

vi. The Administration has continued to place a lot of emphasis on testing and was the first sub-national to reach the testing target of 1% of its population as recommended by the NCDC.

vii. There are adequate supplies of PPEs in all the efforts and efforts are being made to procure even more in the light of the second wave of transmission.

viii. A lot of emphasis is currently being placed on the treatment of an expected rise in the number of high intensity patients who might need more intensive care.

ix. The medical personnel will continue to take all precautionary measures in the treatment of COVI-10 patents.

x. All residents of the FCT are enjoined to observe all health and safety protocols to contain the spread of the virus by observing physical distancing, frequent hand washing and facial coverings.





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