FIRS denies plans to tax social media 


FIRS denies plans to tax social media 

YBTC NEWS—The Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS, has said it has no plan to tax companies using the social media to transact business, but confirmed that digital platforms will be brought into the tax net.

Recall that the FIRS Executive Chairman, Muhammad Nami, had told Senate Joint Committees working on the Medium Term Expenditure Framework and Fiscal Strategy Paper that the agency wants to tax online activities and businesses.

This development caused misconception among many Nigerians, following claims that Facebook, Twitter and their contemporaries have substantial economic footprint in the country.

Dispelling the rumour during a press conference on Wednesday, the Group lead, Special Tax Operation Group at the FIRS, Mathew Gbonjubol, said such move did not emanate from the FIRS.

Mr Gbonjubola said: “With respect to the question on the social media taxes, I am sorry if I disappoint you but I am hearing this for the first time. “I am not aware that FIRS has presented any bill to the National Assembly to request any social media tax.

“I can tell you on behalf of the executive chairman that is not from us. So if there is any such bill at the National Assembly, the FIRS is not a sponsor.” he said


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