Zulum’s extreme governance


By Jaafar Jaafar

Zulum’s extreme governance

YBTC News-This is not the first time the convoy of the governor of Borno State, Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum, was attacked. In July this year, the governor escaped death when Boko Haram terrorists attacked his convoy in Baga. In this latest attack, at least 8 policemen and 3 soldiers lost their lives. Another report however says a total of 12 policemen have been confirmed dead, five soldiers equally lost their lives, 13 civilians including four members of the civilian JTF were killed and the terrorists seized one APC police armoured car, one gun truck belonging to the military and six utility vehicles belonging to the state government — just to escort a governor! Nigeria can’t just afford to lose officers in the course of escorting VIPs not protecting the people.

In a way, Zulum’s commitment to service fascinates me, but his impulsive approach to issues clearly depicts his shortcomings. If this macho of a governor is not in public spat with the military (that protects him) today, he is out to measure his strength on the weakest points of a school desk.

It is time Governor Zulum changed his style. Governance and security are handled with tact. But Zulum is both rash and brash in his approach to these issues.

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Of course it is good for a leader to have first hand knowledge on issues, but this should not be at the expense of putting lives on the line. Its not all the time that you appear everywhere. Sometimes remaining in office to study issues critically and attend to critical state matters is better than staking your life and others in danger to display your exuberant commitment to duty.

A governor cannot just wake up and decide to go to the perilous areas of his state, recklessly without recce, and put people in grave danger.

I advise Governor Zulum to redraw his daredevil style of governance before the attacks become a recurring decimal.


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