Group calls for Inclusion in the Basic Health Care Provision Fund Committee


-Group calls for Inclusion in the Basic Health Care Provision Fund Committee

YBTC News-The Nigerian youth Champions for Universal coverage is calling on the Minister of health to include young people in the national steering committee of the Basic Health Care Provision Fund.
The measure will enable the voices of the young people to be heard,as recommended by the Global Financing Facility.

The chairperson of NYC4UHC gave the indication at the launch of the coalition in Abuja.
According to her, the sluggish progress in achieving “Health for all Nigerians”has necessitated youth from the six geo political zone of the federation to join efforts in stimulating necessary action towards the attainment of Universal Health coverage.

She noted that less than 12percent of Nigerian have access to NHIS coverage,instead of the 90percent coverage as recommended by WHO.

“The Universal Health coverage is meant to ensure that more Nigerians particularly the poorest and vulnerable population have access to quality health care services”

In addition, the Nigerian Youth Champions for Universal health coverage is also calling on President Buhari to ensure that the 55.1 Billion naira in the health capital expenditure is captured in the statutory transfer schedule to protect against budget shortfall.

“We want the 8th Assembly to ensure that the money that is committed in the health capital expenditure is duly released and utilized”

Speaking further , she said that young people who constitute the future of the nation are faced daily with diverse health challenges.

“In a system that pays very little access to the quality and youth friendly service such as contraceptive and correct health information .

Lot of adolesecent and young people die yearly mostly from preventable and treatable causes”

“Young people need to be engaged in health activities in the country.

The major issues young people are facing is not really captured in health care facilities.
We want true representation of the scenario”.

The Chairperson of IVAC, Mrs Chika Offor stressed the need for government to utilize innovative strategies to engage the youth in the attainment of UHC.

“We need to include the youth in the administration of health care services in the country, as they constitute a large number of the population”

She urged the youth to call the leaders to accountability, especially during this period when election is fast approaching.

“The youth should enlighten the leaders on placing high value on the lives of Nigerians,by calling them to order, and also for accountability purpose”

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