“If Nigeria Slipts, No region will prosper individually”— VP Osinbajo


“If Nigeria Slipts, No region will prosper individually”— VP Osinbajo

YBTC News —The Vice-President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, has said that no region will prosper individually if Nigeria splits.

Prof Osinbajo said Nigeria needed to learn a lesson from the example of Sudan, which split into northern and southern Sudan in the belief that that was the solution to the country’s internal strife.

He also cited the case of Somalia, saying that the fact that people speak the same language and practise the same religion was no guarantee that they would live in harmony.

The Vice-President spoke in Lagos on Tuesday at the 70th anniversary lecture of the Lagos Country Club.

He spoke on the theme, ‘Promoting national cohesion as a means of promoting progress and prosperity.’

Osinbajo, while pointing out that diversity could either be a trigger for conflict or a fountain of prosperity and progress, urged Nigerians to embrace the latter like the United States of America, which exploited diversity to its advantage.

He said, “The truth is that any group that suggests that its destiny is outside Nigeria and so must separate to achieve its ambitions will find out soon enough that even within that group there are many little splinters, factions waiting to cut the pie into even smaller pieces, hoping that by doing so, they will eat a large piece.

“The mere fact that we all speak the same language or belong to the same tribe does not mean that there will not be strife; and in the same way, the mere fact that we all speak different languages or belong to different tribes and religions does not mean we will strive.”


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