It is not the people, but the system


Politics Today with Abdulahi Yusuf Tela

YBTC News-Ever wondered why you elect an ‘innocent’ person for a particular office/position and he ends up being a Judas?

Ever wondered why our problems are cyclical? That is, some problems such as electricity, pipe borne water, mediocrity, corruption, bad roads(you can name them) are generational problems that keep reoccurring since Independence.

Ever wondered why we keep saying the previous leader is better than the present one?

Ever wondered why the above problems keep existing?

Our problem is the system. The system has been built on a silky and questionable ground.

The good person you elected today may become the worst person due to the system which doesn’t encourage goodness. A good senator may have the intention of building schools, hospitals, and other social amenities in his constituency but his people may not appreciate that; some prefer to be given money for the naming ceremonies, wedding events, etc.

In the same vein, the cost of the entire electioneering process is a big and massive problem on its own. Starting from campaigns where people are just after which candidate has more money(Wa yafi kaya) to buying of forms for the party’s ticket which has become so expensive that Our President has to beg us to contribute money for him sometime back in 2015; the exorbitance of these processes may lead him to directly or indirectly siphon public funds to replace the resources he had spent earlier.

Still, some candidates are just the investments of other people. There are people who look for sellable candidates and sponsor them so that when they win those elective positions they will come back and pay their dues. This is so practicable in our society.

Moreso, aside from the fact that being corrupt is a thing of the mind, some situations in Nigeria have clearly institutionalised and warranted corruption into the system. Don’t get me wrong. I am not giving a reason for corruption. A public officer in a higher grade level earns so little that he is easily influenced to collect bribes to facilitate an illegal process.

When seeking a contract, the potential contractor will have to agree on the percentage to give the government or the person in charge. Kickbacks have become illegally compulsory in our systems.

A political appointee, a minister, commissioner, etc. has to follow the footsteps of his boss. It is obvious to find out that there are willing political appointees who intend to offer their best in the discharge of their duties but due to the negligence and lackadaisical nature of their bosses they tend to lose hope. And, for that they join the train: “I too make I chop my thing dey go. Ah no, go kill myself.”

The whole system needs total restructuring. If the federal system cannot work for us we can also devise another means. Unless and when the system is changed our problems will remain cyclical and endemic as it seems. I don’t pray for that.


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