My Encounter with the Fearless Investigative Journalist of our time, Jaafar Jaafar, by Yusuf Yusuf


—My Encounter with the Fearless investigative Journalist of our time, Jaafar Jaafar, by Yusuf Yusuf

“Yusuf, the reason why I called you is that you are the only guy I can trust for this task ahead of us” said Jaafar.
Those were his exact words to me few months back, whilst we extracted videos for work.

In our midst that night was our very own PR Lord , Alhaji Yashuaib, the publisher of PR Nigeria after the release of the incriminating videos to the public.

After that, he just said to me that, “Yusuf, we will be going to Kano next week, will you be available”. I said yes without thinking twice. That was how I found myself amongst his entourage to Kano to face a panel over the state’s Gorvenor’s alleged bribe videos.

” There is no room for panic , I have made sure that our security is gauranteed for this Journey to Kano”. I can remember him saying.

On thursday, 25th of October 2018 we took off to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, to catch the first possible flight to Kano.

Myself and Mallam Jaafar got to the airport at about 7: 15am, our flight ticket was verified by Airpeace airline staff, “What great men with great names Jaafar Jaafar and Yusuf Yusuf, said the air peace Airline staff” . Any lougages, no lougage we replied.

We checked in at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, terminal in Abuja. We waited for up to an hour thirty minutes for our flight to take off from Abuja to Kano. While we were waiting to board our flight, Jaafar Jaafar’s two cell phones kept buzzing ceaselessly. After picking up the call, the conversation in Hausa language translated that Jaafar should cancel his appearance at Kano house of Assemby to testify against Gov.

Abdullahi Ganduji bribe videos.
It got to a level they started bidding for the integrity of Mallam Jaafar Jaafar at the sum of N50, 000, 000,000 (Fifty Million Naira) all in the name of “don’t come to Kano house of Assemby to testify against Gov. Ganduje’s bribe videos’.

Still waiting for our flight to Kano, calls kept coming in, from friends and family advising Mallam Jaafar not to go to Kano.

At about 9: 55am we were set to leave for Kano, Nigeria.

The first thing Mallam Jaafar did was to switch on his phones to contact the head of Security team attached to us from the airport to the State House of Assembly.

One amongst other things I will never forget was our reception few minutes after landing. One would have easily mistaken us for a Presidential entourage. All I could see were placards reading: #IstandwithJaafarJaafar #AmwithJaafarJaafar, countless of News men, wanted to have a word with the fearless man, if I may address him as such.

Looking at Mallam Jaafar eyes, all I could see was fierceness and bravery as he addressed the media at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport.

Hanging the Holy Quran on his right shoulder, Mallam Jaafar said, “I have arrived Kano with my holy Qur’an to testify that the Videos released by me was not doctored as claimed by the Gov. Abdullahi Ganduje.

The people of Kano stood up for what they believed as morally right as they showed their support to the fearless Journalist of our time, Jaafar Jaafar with different supportive hand-written placards.

As stated in the letter sent to Mallam Jaafar, he was to face a 16-man pannel but upon getting to the House of Assemby, what we saw was an Open Panel Chaired by the Chairman of the committee with a full house filled with Members and Men of the Press.

Delving into the business of the day, with other notable people present, the Chairman of the panel and member of the Committee threw questions to Malam Jaafar, all of which he answered within journalistic ethics.
And the “fearless man” became the man of the moment, with several radio and TV stations in kano; National Dalies were talking about his appearance at the Kano state House of Assemby.

When confronted with the question regarding whether or not if more of such videos will surface, he said that,

“if they are doubting the authenticity of the two out of Sixteen videos in our possession, we will continue to release more”.
One thing that stands him out is his knack for honesty despite all odds. As often reiterated by the public that, he could have easily made billions out of the bribe scandal, to the amazement of many, he stood his ground by not compromising his ethics as a journalist.

As you celebrate your birthday today, I pray that Almighty God increases you in wisdom, Good health, knowledge, understanding and wealth.
Happy birthday Mallam Jaafar Jaafar

Yusuf Yusuf writes from Abuja, he works with YBTC Media Productions, a media firm situated in Abuja.
you can contact him via mail


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