Nigeria Senate has no Power to summon IGP, Falana Says


Mr Femi Falana, SAN, has said that, constitutionally, the National Assembly does not have powers to summon either the President or a governor of a state, nor the Inspector General of Police.

Therefore, according to him, the Senate got it wrong when it asked the Inspector General of Police to appear before it.

Lawyer Falana, who appeared as a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, on Thursday, quoted sections of the Constitution to that effect, saying “There is no such power given to NASS by the Constitution to summon everybody.

“It has given the President the discretion to address the National Assembly either jointly or separately on any matter of national importance.”


“The Senate didn’t get it right this time around. By virtue of Section 67 of the Constitution, the National Assembly or either chamber can summon a Minister when the affairs of his or her ministries are under consideration.

“The only other occasion where a public officer can be summoned by the National Assembly is when proceedings are ongoing to expose corruption (Section 88) and when a law is being debated either with a view to amending it or to have a new law entirely.”


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