NMA Charged JOHESU to call off strike


YBTC NEWS- The Nigeria medical association,NMA, is calling on the allied health professionals to be reasonable in their demands, suspend the strike, and return back to work to join the doctors to continue the good work for the benefit of the masses.

The chairman of the NMA FCT chapter ,Dr Chiedozie Achonwa made the disclosure while briefing journalist in Abuja .

According to him, the ongoing JOHESU strike is essentially against medical doctors in particular, and the peace-loving Nigerians in general.

“The unnecessary strike, is centered on quest for equal pay with Medical doctors ,as well as leadership (clinical governance) contestation in hospitals.

It is no longer news that JOHESU has been on strike for over a month now over sundry demands which include among others equal pay with medical doctors, headship of our public hospitals.

In the same vein,the NMA leadership said that the union should not bring the hospital activities to a standstill .

“While unionism and activism is encouraged, it must not be carried to the extreme with the delusion that the system can always be brought to ground .

Since the strike commenced, the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) FCT has been following up on matters arising from it. We would ordinarily have ignored JOHESU as it concerns her ongoing strike ,but we are at the moment constrained to respond and put the record straight to debunk JOHESU’s deliberate peddling of falsehood”

The Nigeria medial association therefore charged on the health professionals not to go beyond its scope of operations

“We appreciate the supporting roles being played by members of allied healthcare professionals and considers them important stakeholders in the health team, it is, however, in the best interest of this country for everyone to stay within their roles as team players”

“The unwarranted leadership contest in the health sector by JOHESU in recent years has led to several untold hardships on patients with attendant avoidable loss of lives in some cases ”

While speaking on the quest by JOHESU to earn equal pay with doctors, he said “it must be reiterated that NMA has never been against any wage or salary increase or adjustment for health workers. Rather, NMA has, in her numerous engagements, severally advocated for wage or salary increase for all Nigerian workers. It must be emphasized that what JOHESU is asking for is not necessarily increment in salary per se, but equal pay as doctors”

According to the FCT NMA President ,”we will never allow JOHESU to use subterfuge and backdoor approach to become doctors. The universities are out there with clearly spelt-out guidelines for anyone who wishes to study Medicine and Dentistry. We wish to encourage JOHESU to take advantage of that rather than employing this back door approach to become ‘’doctors’’.

Dr Achonwa further said doctors in the FCT have been going about their legitimate duties in all public health facilities.

“We have had to go extra miles to cover for the absence of the allied health professionals in order to ensure service delivery to patients. Management of the public health institutions have been visited and encouraged to create an enabling environment for doctors to carry out its duties ”

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