By Adamu Usman Garko

YBTC News—It is just too difficult to find enough reasons for responding to those anti-Islam or in a broader sense, Anti-Nigerian elements of our darling country with regards to the loudmouthed and baseless allegations made against the person of Dr. Isa Ali Pantami because no matter the level of argument employed and facts dispensed in seeking to convince them, they just can’t be redeemed from their biased senses. Reason why? Their minds are clogged with hatred, not simply the naked hatred against the person of Pantami, but a deep abysmal hatred against any Northerner who rises to the position of honour and fame. Perhaps such phenomenon is a threat to them, a threat which I am still battling to find a clue to its possible cause.

To those enlightened southerners and northeners who nurture the burning desire for peace and unity, and who seek to abide by truth and fairness even in the most difficult situation of their lives, you have my respect now and forever, and no matter the unrelenting efforts of those anti-Nigerian elements who continue to push for the destruction of the good fortunes the pious leaders among us are championing, the positive forces will continue to triumph, because the only end result of ignobility is disappointment and shame. It is obvious that only the troika of truth, peace and unity can salvage our dear nation and bring us to that enviable platform and not baseless campaigns of calumny and character assassination which are being geared towards the person of this great mind.

For the past six years of my sojourn of less than two decades on earth, there is no any religious scholar in Nigeria that I have listened to and completely digested like Pantami, likewise I have ample knowledge of all his struggles for betterment of his dear country and I am privy to those rare information that you hardly find online, hence my deep passion for him and whatever is going on in his life. To link Pantami with terrorism isn’t only naive and infantile, but also, a demonstration of the pettiness by which good work is being rewarded by insults and baseless allegations from shallow-thinking dimwits of Nigeria.

I said this, and you can quote me anywhere, there is no other person that has fought and he is still fight terrorism in Nigeria like Pantami, the facts are available for the right thinking individuals whose quests are not subjective and selfish, and never in the cabal of the self-seekers whose only reflective action to every good policy being championed by the few honest ones among us is the innate desire to sabotage such efforts, for only God knows what.

For the past three year that I have closely come to know Pantami, I know that the on going evil campaign and many more yet-to-be unveiled baseless allegations, aren’t enough to stop him from channeling Nigeria away from the shackles of those who want to set the country ablaze. His deep passion for the betterment of Nigeria, his transparency, knowledge and experience, and his professional dexterity, are enough to keep him firm to the good well being of Nigerians.

If there is anything those guerilla journalists and vendors of hatred of Nigeria, and of competent muslims who have risen to prominence, are doing, it is only that they have shown to Nigeria and the world at large, that their only pastime is working to bring down the best among the best Nigerians. That is their philosophy. And I want you to know that if you are being dragged by anti-Nigerian elements like the reckless hounds that are after Pantami, it is because you are delivering it well.

So dear Pantami, continue delivering it well. You have the hearts of the majority of Nigerians that decide the fate of the country’s leadership.

Adamu Usman Garko writes from the great city of Gombe State


  1. Pantami is indeed doing great for the betterment of our fatherland. I rigorously believe if we get more Pantamis in Nigeria, the rate of terrorism and other social vices will be drastically reduced and. I pray may the creature of the whole universe crown his efforts. Nice write-up my mentor, Adamu Usman Garko.


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