Pantami: 3 in 1 (2)


By Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

YBTC NEWS—This is the second part in the series of Pantami articles I started recently, in case my readers have forgotten due to the delay in the continuation of the series. And this was as a result of nothing but due to my tight schedules. I will also assure you my dear readers, that the series is back in full force. May Allah help us.

This piece was necessitated by a Facebook memory I saw on 25th of July, 2021. It was about an article I wrote in 2019 on Nigeria’s best performing minister, Honorable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Shaykh Prof. Pantami on his suitability to serve as a federal minister of the federal republic of Nigeria upon his appointment as a minister by President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

However, seeing the news of the promotion of the honourable minister of Communications and Digital Economy Shaykh Prof. Pantami to the rank of Professor of Cyber Security from the rank of Associate Professor compelled me to complete this quickly.

I can’t express the kind of my happiness as I write this piece, celebrating yet another great achievement of HM Shaykh Prof. Pantami. This has always been the case whenever I write about any patriotic, passionate and religious person who has excellently done well. It is not only about Shaykh Prof. Pantami. It is general. It is about the celebration of a new development.

It is indeed a great feat for someone who is occupying a ministerial position in the federal republic of Nigeria. It is not only directed at him but his office, Gombe state and Nigeria in general. If I am not mistaken, he is the only Professor in the cabinet of President Muhammadu Buhari. Lest I forget, let me congratulate HM Shaykh Professor Pantami once again. Congratulations!

Penning this, I remembered what Shaykh Sani Yahya Jingir, the Chairman of Jama’atul Izalatil Bidi’ah Wa’iqamatis Sunnah (JIBWIS) Jos National Headquarters, said during an annual launching of education support program in Abuja. Fortunately, the HM was there to represent the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. Shaykh Jingir while acknowledging protocols present, he referred to HM Pantami as 3 in 1.

This assertion is apt. He explained that one, he is a Shaykh (Islamic Scholar). Two, he is a PhD holder. And three, he is a Minister of the federal republic of Nigeria. How many ministers of the present administration have these titles? It is just a question that you may wish to answer for the purpose of clearing your doubts.

Alhamdu lilLah that as of the time I am compiling this piece, he has been elevated to the rank of Professor of Cyber Security by the Federal University of Technology, Owerri recently in August, 2021 as reported by the award winning PR Nigeria. Now, if I may add to what was earlier established by saying that Pantami as 3 in 1 means that he is a Shaykh, Honorable Minister and Professor of Cyber Security, I am not wrong.

However, to me, the people of Gombe state, and Nigeria in general, we may still view Pantami as 3 in 1 in another way. This is not in any way against the earlier stated meanings nor am I in disagreement with the above meanings.

On the other hand, Pantami as 3 in 1 can also mean performing the functions of other ministers. This can be seen in my subsequent paragraphs.

Pantami as Communications and Digital Economy Minister. We all know that the portfolio given to him by President Buhari was the federal ministry of Communications which he later renamed to the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy upon the approval of the president. There, he has completely transformed the Nigerian IT sector and has earned a lot of accolades from various sides of the country. So also, he was named the best performing minister at the FMoCDE.

Pantami as minister of power. One day, I was walking in Gombe state (Pantami specifically), I saw a sign post of a solar powered street lights project indicating HM Shaykh Professor Pantami’s name on the sign post. He may likely be the sponsor. I was wondering where is the minister vested with power to do that. Pantami is doing more than we expected. May Allah reward him.

Then, Pantami as minister of works. This was manifested in a post on his official Facebook page. He announced the approval of Gombe-Bajoga-Fika-Potiskum road of 189 KM costing over N56 billion sequeled to a letter he submitted to the ministers of works concerning the plights of the people. This is to say that apart from his demanding tasks and tight schedules, he still finds time to perform other functions. Yet people still don’t appreciate him.

In view of the foregoing, you will realise that Pantami as 3 in 1 is very obvious and obvious enough for all the lovers of truth, development and patriotism to see.

There is another one but I didn’t add it because I was not sure whether he nominated it or not. If he has, the next would have been Pantami as environment minister. While scrolling my Facebook feeds, I saw his post again stating that another project (not in the ICT sector) was approved during a FEC meeting. It was an ecological project in the Federal College of Education Technical (FCE(T)) Gombe, where I reported the same environmental threats faced by the institution. I even had an interview with the Provost of the college Dr Boderi. I don’t know if he (Pantami) nominated it because he didn’t state that. But why should he mention it if he is not the nominator without mentioning other projects. Likely, he might have nominated it. Besides, I was surprised and super excited but still had to ask myself this question, where are the ministers responsible for all these roles? I don’t know if you can help me answer this.

I pray that May Allah continue to guide, protect and help him in discharging his duties and may his new position be beneficial to the Ummah.


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