Pantami actions, shows he is not a terrorist—Gumi


Pantami actions, shows he is not a terrorist—Gumi

YBTC News—Renowned Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, says all Pantami’s actions, one hundred percent, shows he is not a terrorist. Those who are terrorists are after his life.

Gumi, who recently met with former President Olusegun Obasanjo and recommended special courts to try bandits and kidnappers, also said the country needed more people like Pantami in government.

The cleric spoke on Monday in an interview with Roots TV, said, “Nigerians will regret it if embattled Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, is removed from office.”

“Show me one person he has killed. He has not killed anybody. He has not ordered the killing of anybody. The man is stabilising a government among a section of youths, which we want them to come and join in nation-building. They should not throw him away. Leave him. He is not a terrorist sympathiser.

“And you people are fighting them. No. You should get more people like Pantami and put them in power. It will stabilise. Don’t remove him. You’ll regret.”

Pantami, a former director-general with the National Information Technology Development Agency, is the only member of the Federal Executive Council from Gombe State.


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