Pantami and The Force Of Digital Change

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Pantami and The Force Of Digital Change

YBTC News-In 2019, when the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari announced Dr Isa Ali Pantami as the new Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, many Nigerians were upbeat on what to expect in Digital development and advancement.

His records during his time at the National Information Technology Development Agency were there for all to see.

His announcement as the substantive Minister got more Credit due to his background in the Information Technology field. Coming into office, Pantami realized the need to capture development under the Ministry of Communications and facilitated its renaming to the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy; this singular development in no little way opened the path for advanced Digitised process in Nigeria.

About two years down the lane, Pantami has continued to lead the quest for a Digital Nigeria ensuring that key policies are enacted. He has severally emphasized to have Nigerians as Digital Literates, this stemmed out of the need to make Nigerians understand what it means to have a Digital economy and to ensure their participation in the Digital economy project.

With the progress made on this, it would mean that an average Nigerian can be part of the Digital Nigeria project and can be part of the gains that accrues from this. Already, there are many Digital economy projects in the country laudably with different regions benefitting from this astute leadership and coordination of different agencies under the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy.

The involvement of agencies such as National Information Technology Development Agency, Nigerian Communications Commission in actualizing the Digital change has also proven to be effective. Apart from encouraging a participatory Digital project, Pantami has ensured that data becomes reduced in terms of cost, although Nigerians still clamor for more, as the reward for good work is more good work and that is such the expectation of Nigerians from Dr Isa Ali Pantami who is setting a high standard for the country’s communication and Digital Economy Ministry. The efforts aimed at ensuring that Nigeria moves away from era of paper identification to a more robust Digital identification are also very commendable.

All over the world, Digitalization is key to advancement and the Pantami administration has proven this through policies and projects. While Nigeria continues to have Digital demands especially with Digitalization as a fast developing process worldwide, the progress made by Nigeria is very commendable.

The Artificial intelligence centre launched by the Ministry under Dr Isa Ali Pantami is also another plus given the growing role of AI in the current day innovation and development, such centre has shown that Nigeria understands that beyond moving, we have to move in tandem with current day realities. The training of Nigerian artisans, farmers by the National Information Technology Development Agency, an agency under Pantami and the interest in Agrotech to ensure maximum production and food security is another unprecedented development.

The efforts has also encouraged more investment in Financial Technology, ensuring innovation and interest in the Digital change. Figures as posted by the Nigerian Inter-bank settlement System has shown how the Financial sector is enjoying the benefit of astute leadership under Pantami and this can only be sustained.

While there is still more to be done by the Ministry of Communications and Digital economy , the ecosystem being built currently by the communications and Digital economy Ministry is not just admirable but commendable and we can only hope for sustenance of the same zeal by Dr Isa Ali Pantami and his team of professional leaders in the Ministry and agencies under the Ministry.


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