Personality of the Week: Habibat Ronke Salman

Habibat Salman, Author Voyage of Self Discovery
Habibat Salman, Author Voyage of Self Discovery



by: Aishat Alpha

YBTC Personality of the Week: Habibat Ronke Salman

YBTC NEWS-One of those young innovative Nigerians that would strengthen your faith in the ability of Nigerian youth is Habibat Salman. A young but productive, innovative and enchanting author. Habibat is an intelligent, creative builder and business strategist. A Geologist and Mineral Scientist with a flair for writing. She is the co-founder of Rocksplot Nigeria and an active member of National Association of Petroleum Explorationists, Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society, Nigerian Association of Petroleum Geologist and an advocate for Life After Abuse and amongst many others. She is an Ahmadu Bello Foundation Scholar.


Habibat had her late secondary education at Busarialao Science College, Ilorin after which she proceeded to Kwara State University, where she studied Geology and Mineral Science. At the end of her first degree, she was able to come out top of her class. Presently having her Master’s degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

At the age of eighteen, she published her first book titled “Visit to the other side” (a writing focused on psychology and human development) and co-founded an earth science e-learning platform at nineteen to provide a medium for those willing to learn anywhere and anytime. With a second book to her name, Voyage of Self Discovery; written in memory of her late Mum (Hajia Halima Ronke Salman) is a write-up that concisely describes how important it is for every living being to define his purpose, learn from mistakes, live a life of balance and leave a mark rather than wander aimlessly through life. The piece of organized thoughts says to you in summary; find yourself in a world filled with social dramas and do not risk losing yourself to all societal norms, false beliefs and habits that compose our identity.

On how a Geologist turned Psychologist and writer, she related this;

‘I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious (Albert Einstein). In fact, adventure, curiosity, drive for knowledge and the challenges in researching are just what got me to study Geology. Growing up, I was obsessed with things I thought has never been done, setting new records and challenging myself to be better than people around me. I grew up in an environment where women were and are still being perceived as minority, all i ever wanted was to show the world the ability and capability of a woman should not be undermined. Putting ink on paper is a means of expressing my thoughts to my immediate environment and the world at large’

Her highest purpose involves creative content development and life coaching. She loves to empower others to create, use their minds and help draw out their highest potential to be the best they can be.


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