Politics Today: As we step into the “Next Level”…


Politics Today: As we step into the “Next Level”…

YBTC News—Wednesday, 29th May, 2019, President Muhammadu Buhari for the second term, was sworn in as Nigeria’s President, and Commander in-Chief of the Armed forces of the Federal Republic.

The political chant as usual all over the country was the new slogan “Next level”. Next level is what the All Progressives Congress (APC) wore as a manifesto in the 2019 general elections. The APC has now grown from ‘Change’ in 2015 general elections to ‘Next Level’ in 2019. Who knows what we may see in 2023?
Cutting the tales short, this piece is written to officially congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari and his Vice who has been a strong force in deputizing his principal, Professor Yemi Osibanjo and to also draw the attention of the duo on their ‘Next level’ plan.

Buhari’s victory in the last election has shown that he still enjoys the love of the people most especially in the northern part of the country where he hails from. This leads me to the first call.

The northern part of the country is facing one of the worst security lapses in Nigeria. The news of kidnappings, terrorist attacks in some parts of Zamfara and Katsina as well as Kaduna has become so frequent in our dailies. In fact, recently, the Katsina emirate announced that there will be no Sallah Durbar during the festive period. My call is the, as we move into the ‘Next level’ may the Lord grant the President the wisdom to conquer those miscreants destabilizing the peace of our dear Nation.

Moving forward, in the previous level or should I say the ‘Change era’ Buhari’s Ministers have proven to be ineffective in terms administering the values of ‘Change’. A certain Minister has not only once said that the country is enjoying stable electricity. I don’t know the sample the Minister used in making his generalization. Again, one of his ministers has been found in to be engaged in a certificate fraud. All thanks to a journalist for that investigation. In the ‘next level’ President Muhammdu Buhari, should as matter significance appoint people he knows can deliver his promises. How can we move to the next level when some old Ministers that fail to deliver are still retained?

Dear PMB appoint Ministers, Director Generals, Managing Directors that you know will help you execute your programmes and policies.
Thirdly, one thing that always drew back the PMB administration in the ‘Change era’ is the blame game. The President and his cabinet members have made it a habit in consistently engaging in blaming the previous administration. I want to urge the President that the blame game should be over by now. Truly, the people are getting bored every time they hear: “the previous administration is to be blamed…” Nigerians are aware of the maladministration of the previous government that was why they opted for a Change. As we step into the “Next level” let the ground break and let the PMB administration take full responsibility of our problems.
In the same vein, as we step into the next level, PMB should try as much as possible to mend fences with the new National Assembly members. His bitter rapport with the previous leadership of the NASS affected him so much to the extent that he has to question their patriotism.
The fifth and most importantly, in the last four years, the Social Investment Programme, particularly the N-Power scheme has helped so many youths within the country. If I were to grade the policies and progammes of this administration, I will pick N-Power as the best. Although there were some issues as regards the enrollment of new members, the scheme has ensured many youths benefited from the government purse. Consequently, I want to plead with the PMB administration to ensure that the scheme is retained and maintained as well as such similar avenues and programmes should be provided to empower our teeming jobless youths.
Dear PMB, as we move into the “Next level” our focus should be on diversifying the economy. It can be recalled that in the last four years many attempts have been made in that regard but things are getting right. Despite the mass defection to farming, the prices of commodities are still high in the market. Also, the refineries, the Nigerian Air and other reasonable projects that are in epileptic situations should be given much attention. A remedy should be provided.
Lastly, of recent, before the kick-off of the “Next level” the wife of the President, Aisha Muhammadu Buhari made some fresh allegations over the implementation of SIPs. Allegations whether true or not, I want to plead with the president to go and settle with his first lady either in the ‘sitting room’ or anywhere more comfortable. This is not the first time the cries of the First Lady are heard but it seems the President is given deaf ears to it. Unfortunately for him, this is reducing his credibility and integrity in the eyes of the people. It is political time-bomb that will surely explode.

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