Exclusive: Problem Looms As Corp Member Dies In Camp


A corp member identified as Ms Chukwu Eva has been confirmed dead by the University of Ilorin Teaching hospital on, Thursday, in Kwara state.

The deceased was said to have died of internal bleeding caused by the edema(swelling) of her limbs as a result of a sustained injury in the course of her training. Ms Eva was confirmed dead at Ilorin Teaching hospital having been rushed there with an ambulance.

Speaking to YBTCNEWS, a reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous said , it
Was in view of this recent event on camp, that some concerned corp members at the Kwara state NYSC camp sought the intervention of the Camp Director, as well as other other camp officials to table their plight amongst several other pressing issues affecting their core welfare in camp particularly on the sad demise of a fellow corp member, Ms Chukwu Eva.

According to the source, Many events have unfolded since the unfortunate event that occurred on Thursday, Notably, the rage amongst friends of the deceased and other corp members may result to agitation by the young graduates in their will to shun against poor corp members welfarism.

“It is with the realization that a protest could loom and that many things would go haphazard, we went to the authority. We also approached them on the news that was spreading rapidly amongst us about a herdsman spotted with ammunition within the camp.

The camp director listened to our agitation that was a blend of fury, but with respect for constituted authority. He was visibly agitated too and gave us particular reasons why we lost dear Eva”, this as narrated by the source.

He noted that, against previous years where only medical corp members managed the clinic, professionals from the general and teaching hospitals were present at the camp who attended to her until she was referred.

“It is so sad that we lost a potential leader, but we pray her soul rests in peace.
On the issue of the supposed herdsman, the director said it was a non-uniformed policeman parading with ammunition.

Notwithstanding, he had called the commissioner of police as well as ensured deployment of 11 local vigilante who had gone round with ammunitions to check the camp. He noted that they know the terrain of the camp well since they are indigenes.

while efforts would be in synchrony with that of the 97 military and paramilitary personnel in the camp to ensure maximum security of the corp members”.
” However, as fellow corp members, it is expedient that we take good care of ourselves. We should report to the camp clinic early to avoid disastrous outcomes. And we should do so in good faith and not pretence.

In 13 days time, we’re out of here. We shall remain strong without any casualty”

This report is unbiased and based on evidence.



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