Recommendation of a Secondary School Boy’s Book to 400L University Students


—Recommendation of a Secondary School Boy’s Book to 400 Level University Students

YBTC News—As a new promising voice, the secondary school boy, Adamu Usman Garko, rushes in refilling the drying breast of literature in Northeast, Gombe state with his new collection of poems: “WHEN DAY BREAKS”.

Gombe State University, Department of English recommended the collection in one of its courses: ENGL 410: Special Author/Subject (Gombe Literature) lectured by professor Saleh Abdu to the four hundred level (400L) students of English.

Critical appraisal and evaluation of some of the poems remain an engaging and euphoric memory embedding thirst to go back again in my mind.

The arresting and enticing collection is set for release (Launching) on 19th October, 2019 at Gombe National Library, Near Gombe International Hotel, Gombe State.

Sadiq Yahaya is from the Department of English (400L) Gombe State University.


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