Rejuvio 1.0: which the Nation can benefit from?


—Rejuvio 1.0: which the Nation can benefit from?

YBTC News—Knowing that marriage is an empty box where both partners are to fill with what they want to experience, how many couples consciously fill this marriage box?

We are constantly pressed with a lot of things calling our attention.Work, social media, children, family and many more while prioritizing, we tend to leave out one very important aspect…..OUR SPOUSE.How many couples take time out for just themselves? When was the last time you had a time out with your spouse? How many issues are left unresolved because we do not have time to discuss it? What if there was an event specially made for couples where all this can be addressed? That was the thinking behind Rejuvio by Lovescence – A couples’ day out organized by Eventigo.On the 10th of August, Eventigo had couples in Lagos taken to a private beach in Lagos for the purpose of bonding and enjoying each other.The day started with transporting the couples to the location where they were greeted with fresh coconut drinks. Introductions were done and a welcome speech by the convener.We had some team bonding exercises and also couple games with a debrief session anchored by Coaches Iheanyi and Tolu Afonja.The couples had their first coaching session were they took exercises on what they want in their marriage, who they need to be in their marriage and a wheel of marriage all for the purpose of more fulfilling marriages.They couples had private sessions to bond and discuss after which we had the second coaching session.The couples took their recommitment vows and the event ended with dance and photo sessions.It was a very insightful time for the couples as some were able to critically deal with pending issues, discover new things about their spouses and many more.The highlight of the event was the renewal of commitment session each couple had.The feedback from the couples were great and they would like to see more this type of event.In the words of the convener Ms Ilesanmi Oluwadara, she said this initiative was born out of identifying the importance of people living fulfilled lives. Truly, the importance of having a great marriage cannot be overemphasized and the benefit transcends that family but extends to the Nation.Truly the importance of a good marriage in helping to grow the Nation cannot be overemphasized


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