By Hashim Suleiman

 YBTC NEWS—You know unfortunately we live in a society where it has become somewhat a taboo to speak truth to the issues bedeviling her and that is the crime that Sanusi Lamido and some of us are facing on a daily to the extent that if one is not strong hearted he could actually feel like giving up but that can never be an option in a society that needs emancipation especially socially and economically.


Sanusi has always been in the eyes of the storm for always remaining consistent about his person, he has never come off as any other thing than himself to the extent that he could be predictable regarding positions he would take on certain issues. He doesn’t know how to bottle up opinions, he prefers to air them so people don’t confuse his position about issues. Some people would say he doesn’t know how to be diplomatic and trust me I’m experienced in this clime to know that when people tell you that, they are only trying to take advantage of you because In the real sense, they  don’t understand what diplomacy entails. It can prevail more in a society that is socially, intellectually and mentally stable and not ours for now.


The recent hoopla about the sack of the Kaduna Chief of Staff which had some events that preceded it made me to understand the depth of hypocrisy and how much people insist one’s lifestyle must fit into certain box or cycle to be it. Could this be why we find it difficult to settle for leaders with capacity because we confuse those without it but hypocritical for those who have it? The answer must be in the affirmative. Sanusi is too consistent like I said above for the Chief of Staff not to know what he has always stood for and what he is up to, who was he needing to remind him in order to set his protocol right. You know they say ‘ from their fruits, you shall know them’ so perhaps that display was a show of who he really is regarding incompetence and inability to discern. Who really would wanna keep such a person at that high echelon of taking critical decisions let alone whisper his wanting to be governor, must we always joke with everything in this country.


People who say Sanusi spoke about the Chief of Staff as being former and they’ll understand soon did not care to critically determine if SLS was speaking from the point of view of information regarding the guys incompetence and that a general evaluation of him had resulted in a need to relieve him of such critical position. After all the guy even demonstrated such by that major goof. Actions by people like Elrufai and SLS can  only be understood by people who have deliberately chosen to be critical in their thoughts and examination of issues. They are striving by their actions and words to let us know how we must advance and become progressives but hypocrisy has eaten deeply that we mostly misunderstand them and rather embrace those who don’t mean well and are daily complicating our issues.


This issue about the former Chief of Staff brings to so many of my articles I had written in the past relating to age not being an automatic qualification for leadership, capacity should be. When he was first appointed amidst so much hype about United Nations or what have you, I was never moved, I opted to wait to watch and analyze myself and it didn’t take me long to recognize their was nothing much other than perhaps sheer luck and a little effort that got him to wherever. I heard him speak with no much depth to commensurate the hype. He was no where, he didn’t go anywhere, we didn’t see him, he didn’t mingle, we couldn’t understand who his friends were and what he had done. Everything was just about some sketchy United Nation story and one would wonder if that alone was sufficient.


I admire to a great extent the straightforwardness of SLS and I strongly believe it is the way to go if we wish to build a conscionable society. I was present at his book launch in Lagos and I saw the meaning of friendship which must have as it’s critical ingredient ‘loyalty’. You’ll learn how to build bridges, the advanced meaning of life and ability of giving back.


Some of us have chosen to learn from SLS and co regarding speaking up on issues and unless we deliberately choose to get critical, the possibility of misunderstanding anything and everything will be with us for a long time and this could eventually culminate in more chaos than the ones we have at hand already.


God bless!


Hashim Suleiman  


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