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YBTC News—In October, 2016, veteran Daily Trust columnist, Mahmud Jega in his usual sarcastic approach wrote a column titled “Everyone blames everyone else” to capture the endless, fusillade of blames that Nigerians have been engaged in. Perhaps, if Jega could write again on the same topic, surely, an avalanche of blame games could and would have been unravelled.

To borrow Jega’s boots in the blame game, just Last week, many Nigerians took to their social media handles to specifically blame president Muhammadu Buhari for blaming who he described as “corrupt” middlemen for the incessant rise in food prices in the country. President Muhammadu Buhari has on the record proved that he is a top player in the game of blames. In a Sunday Herald of 20th January, 1984 cover story, Buhari who was military Head of State then was reported blaming middlemen for the poor economy of the country.

In the same vein, when the masses are busy blaming Buhari and his party, All Progressive Congress(APC) for the economic hardship in the country, the APC is busy and constitunously blaming the previous administration of Peoples’ Democratic Party(PDP). It is quite an absurdity that the broom is still blaming the umbrella for its inability to sweep and keep the house clean.

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While university students are blaming the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) for the endless strike actions, ASUU is blaming the Federal Government for not complying with its provisions. For some months now, ASUU has been on an indefinite strike action due to the issue of Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System(IPPIS). ASUU as a Union has refused to agree on the terms and agreement of the FG on the software while giving out their reasons and alternatives. Yet, the FG on the other comfortable corner is blaming ASUU for not enrolling on the payroll system. Settling this matter is a big matter.

Moving forward, It can be recalled that some states governments are blaming the federal government over disbursement of funds for infrastructure and provision of security to its people. These states have come out clearly to put the blame on the FG for not providing necessary funds to complete, renovate or rehabilitate a particular project in their states. Presently, I know of a state that is planning to block the passage of heavy duty trucks plying the state roads. This is because the FG has refused to intervene in the repairs of the federal roads in the state.

Similarly, while the people are blaming the states for the poor security situation of the country, states are telling the FG that security is constitutionally in your hands. As the people shout to their governors for security, the governors politely and indirectly throw the blame to the FG.

Also, as Nigerians serially continue to blame the Distribution Companies for the unstable power supply in the country, these DISCos did not hide their urge to tell Nigerians that: “you have to pay before you get power”. The DISCOs perhaps becacuse they are private enterprises have consistently remain inconsistent in the provision of stable electricity in some parts of the country. Little wonder why many are now going back to solar power or inverter as an alternative to the NEPA palaver. Seemingly, the throw of blames in this angle appear endless.

While many Nigerians blamed former Minister Femi Fani Kayode for his short fuse drama, Jega, the veteran columnist in his August 31st, 2020 column titled: ‘Short Fuse of FFK’ blamed the journalist, Eyo Charles for asking a question on bankrolling. Now, Jega has crawled into the line of ‘blamers’

In addition, private school teachers who have been staying at home for the past six months without salaries are blaming both the FG and the Nobel COVID-19. In the same avenue, parents who have been at home too with the exception of some senior civil servants are tired with the stay-at home situation of their children. They’d prefer the children go to school and allow them enjoy their Corona leave in peace.

Still on, the FG has also blamed COVID-19 for crippling the whole economic activities, travels and other leisure times of the president has also been affected. Corrona virus has been blamed for non-payment of salaries, payment of reduced salaries, laying off of staff who couldn’t pay workers and caused thr breakdown other vital sectors of the economy.
In the whole of these blames I think COVID-19 suffers the most. If I were him I will humbly and shamely buy a plan ticket to another planet for a honeymoon after the success stories I have recorded on earth. Yes. Jupiter is big, it will be a lively place, certainly.

I hope when you read this you wont also blame me for bringing out the blames of others just like Mahmud Jega did.



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