“Steer clear of the first family”, group warns coalition in Daura


—”Steer clear of the first family”, group warns coalition in Daura

YBTC News—The Yola Indigene Progressive Association wishes to express its dissatisfaction over the manner in which Coalition of Associations in Daura meddled into the affairs of the first family to the point of calling out the First Lady on the pages of National Dailies.

We consider this unfortunate action of theirs as disrespectful, self-serving and ill-advised.

Since they agreed that it was a “purely private family affair” why meddle in the affairs of the first family? We believe they have also disrespected the President by going to the media to berate his wife.

We would not have bothered to respond to their action but to ensure such misguided actions do not occur again, we find it incumbent upon us to caution them to stay out of the affairs of the first family so that peace would reign as dabbling into this matter the way they did amounts to adding fuel to the fire.

The Yola Indigene Progressive Association also wishes to put the Coalition of Associations in Daura and everyone that cares to listen that Her Excellency, Mrs Aisha Buhari, First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the quintessential mother, sister and daughter of the nation as such knows better than to drag her family to the public.

The person in question erred and given the peculiarity of the issues, he needed to be reprimanded. If Garba Shehu had professionally performed his functions, the First Lady would not need to call him out the way she did. Thus berating the first lady on the pages of newspapers is akin to attacking the President himself.

Even at that, there was no need to attack the First Lady. By doing this they have taken sides and this has further revealed their ill motive.

It would interest everyone to know that there is no conflict in the first family as they are currently celebrating the 77th birthday of the President.

We urge Daura Kinsmen to avoid attacking the first lady or better still, steer clear of the first family. A word is enough for the wise!



Comrade Hamid Idris Girei
President, Yola Indigene Progressive Association


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