The World has Lost A Mother


Ibrahim El-mu’azzam

YBTC NEWS —It’s with deep blues we received the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest serving monarch in the British history.

Her majesty clocked 96 years on 21st April, and 70 years on throne on 2nd June. She was born on 21 April, 1926 and became the Queen of England on 2nd of June, 1953.

Queen Elizabeth of England

Serving for 7 decades, witnessing 15 Prime miniters, 13 American Presidents, Cold war, Falling of the Berlin Wall, World War II. Leading the Buckingham palace and the Commonwealth countries, all after you acsended the throne at 25.

This is indeed a cardinal achievement that is uncommon to many in shoes like yours.

If “Long Live The Queen” could be a person, you will be her best friend.

How hard all this while have been? Being at the top of the world all this time, an era to say, but free and innocent to many, good and caring to many, maintaining the history unspoiled. If not of anything, of this, you own my respect!

You have been to the world a mother, to your gender a feather, to the people a leader, and to the future a ladder. You live your life in the best of it context, full of shining legacies and blessed memory.

You are just leaving but you will not left. Those seeds you planted will continue to produce greatness.

Your Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, missing you is a must!


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