Today at YBTC News we celebrate Anthony Olumide Kupe@28



—Today at YBTC News we celebrate Anthony Olumide Kupe@28

He is a young man whom despite being born with a genetic disorder(Down syndrome) , has defeated all odds to achieve his dreams.

KUPE 9ja

In a recent interview with YBTC News, Anthony Olumide Kupe, a graphic designer, entrepreneur and An ambassador at the Cuppy foundation shared his story.

Born January 14th, 1991 as an only child to Mr and Mrs Kupe, Anthony Hails from Badagry, Lagos State. In his early years of education, he attended Progressive Primary school from 1997- 2004 and had his Secondary school education at Community High school from 2004-2010 all in Lagos State.


Presently, he is a student of the Lagos State Polytechnic where he is studying Business Management.

From what we have seen and observed over the years, Anthony is never one to give up his dreams and aspirations. As such, he has been a great inspiration to a lot of people out there living with one form of physical challenge or the other.

According to him, his major source of inspiration has been his friend. He said, ” a friend of mine who is more or less like a sister to me always gave me the encouragement to pursue my dreams as she often says that I can do anything I put my mind into”.

Since 2008 when he decided to take this path in his career, Anthony Kupe has been a major part of so many inspiring and success stories including a recent deal with the cuppy foundation.

His advice to young Nigerians, most especially the physically challenged in our society is that they should be determined no matter what to achieve their dreams.

Today we wish you a very Happy Birthday Mr Kupe as you celebrate another wonderful year.

KUPE 9ja


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