USOSA calls for an end to incessant killing


-USOSA calls for an end to incessant killing

YBTC NEWS-The Unity Schools OldStudentsAssociation,USOSA,is demanding for an end to incessant killings in the country.

The Chairman of the group Mr Ayodele Joseph made the disclosure ,while speaking on the state of nation.

He said the crisis in the country is rather read uncalled for ,and should be brought to an end.
“The spate of killings, destructions and displacement have affected life as we have known it. Even more worrisome is the accusation of a near genocide and the counter response.

The consequences of these are plain to see,from the tensions in the land to utterances that question our national unity”
“The National Orientation Agency and related communications agencies in the states, need to spread message of peace and discourage hate speech. As we draw closer to the 2019 elections, this becomes an urgent imperative”
In the same vein, the group charged Nigerians not to be divided on account of religion or tribal difference .

“Religious and faith based groups must enlighten their followers on mutual respect and ensure their words are of peace. We commend the effort of those leaders who are already doing so. We urge an interfaith approach and face to the response from religious leaders, as these matters are primarily those of political economy before they can be termed religious, if at all they are”

“We all should be found on the right side of history, along with those who do not fan the embers of ethnic or religious hatred but lend their voice to enabling an understanding of the root cause of these crises”.

According to USOSA, eight States in Nigeria is presently faced with troubling persistent crisis .

The states include Benue, Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, Kaduna, Plateau Sokoto and Zamfara states.

“The Crises range from conflict between farmers and pastoralists, to killings, cattle rustling, and armed robbery. Others are kidnapping and the Boko haram insurgency”

The Chairman of USOSA also charged the journalist to be objective while reporting issues and not be sentimental .

“The role of investigative journalism cannot be over emphasized. Responsible journalism that gives a balanced story and perspective is critical for information management, the right policy responses and prevention of crises”

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