We are not on strike but on Civil Disobedience – OAU NASU


—We are not on strike but on Civil Disobedience – OAU NASU

YBTC News—The Branch Chairman of the Non Academic Staff Union of Universities (NASU), Obafemi Awolowo University Chapter, Comrade Wole Odewunmi had said the Union is not on strike but its on Civil Disobedience.

While speaking with our correspondent, the Branch Chairman of the Non Academic Staff Union of Universities, he said all Non working unions are involved in the process, unions like Senior Staff Academic of National Universities (SSANU), National Association of Technology (NAAT).

Speaking further, he said ” there was a negotiation with the federal government in 2009,what we agreed upon was that our earned allowance would be part of our negotiation. The thing has been signed since then and the Federal government has been doing their part up till 2011 and it remains 1 and the half years to measure up”

” The Federal Government ordered all Federal Institution to create Treasury Single Account and it led to all Federal Institution to take all their money to the Federal Government through that Treasury account. The Federal Government then ordered all Federal Institutions to start paying even from their harzard allowance to its workers and it should be implemented ”

” Some of the Universities have been doing that and implementing the hazard allowance to their staffs in their Universities but in our university here the reverse is the case. The same thing that happened in 2015 that Nasu fought for, the same thing is happening now but not Nasu alone now but all Non working unions” he added

Furthermore, he said a letter was written to the school management. In his words, ” he said “Mr Man we just gave you that grace because you are just coming, by June 22, you will be 2 years in office and you know the problem we are facing in oau, we want to get our money right from 2013 and they should start the implementation as the Federal Government wants them to do but since then we gave them 21 days of ultimatum and nothing was done but we were been called on the 4th day to the end of the Ultimatum, when we went all what they told us wasn’t palatable to any of the Unions, then we had a congress and the result of the congress was that we will go on Civil Disobedience ” he added.

” Nothing would affect the welfarism of the students, our activities will still be running but some few persons would be delegated to that ” he added

Attempt to get the reactions of the University Public Relations Officer was futile as his lines were switched off as at time of this report”

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