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Why I feel alte will take over in 2020


by:Felix adole Ikeh

“Alte” Means ‘alternative’, often misunderstood for a habit, it is a lifestyle; a group of Nigerian youth with a unique sense of fashion and music. Alté fashion embraces a retro and vintage style, but is some how tagged as “new school”. Alté music on the other hand is not mainstream, it is a melodic, whimsy, almost-spiritual groove. The melody and harmony somehow layer over each other, making it a seamless experience in the ear.(urban dictionary)

Alte music is a sound that comprises a diverse range of styles, sometimes drawing on dancehall, indie, R&B, and more. Uniting the artists is a mutual desire to experiment with genres and strong visual storytelling. Alte music has this sorting and refreshing sound that makes you to either dance through a song or rock it down slowly. Alte music is a combination of different genre of music that allows a lot of music lovers of different sounds queuing to listen to it.

2019 saw A lot of alte musicians make their rave in the industry. From Sauti to Wurld, kida kudz, odunsi, Tems, lady Donli etc. who would have thought alte will be considered by Nigerians considering our deep rooted love for afrobeat. But this great alte artist did the magic, the infusion of alittle bit of Afro and alte in kele me megbe by Adekunle Gold is a good example of how this artist fuse the different genre and bring out a beautiful alte sound.

The alte fashion lifestyle is not left out in the shaping of our minds towards embracing this genre of music, fashion trends of 2019 left us with both gender wearing t shirts tucked in into plain trouser pants on a sneakers. Vintage shirts and big baggy jeans by ladies with accessories like big earrings and a lot of rings on the fingers by both gender also rocked 2019.

Alte music is here to stay and it’s going to really rock the year 2020, Nigerians should open Their mind and embrace this genre of music and it’s cool fashion lifestyle.



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