World Cancer Day: Why you should stop drinking water from plastic bottles


World Cancer Day is a truly global event taking place every year on 4 February, World Cancer Day unites the world’s population in the fight against cancer.

It aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about the disease, pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action.

We have all grown up around things made of plastic, and never questioned it. As children, even our sandwiches were packed in plastic lunchboxes. However, things have changed now. We don’t live in a clean world anymore. We are surrounded by toxins everywhere – the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the clothes we wear, even the mattresses we sleep on.
If the placenta of a to-be mother is examined, the results will show more than 300 or 400 toxins in the body of a pregnant woman. This further proves that every baby is born with toxins. It might be difficult to completely change the environment, but small steps can be taken to reduce the exposure to toxicity.

Why plastic is dangerous 
The FDA admitted that plastic leaches around fifty-five to sixty different chemicals when heated. When you heat food in a takeaway container or serve it hot on a plastic plate/container, the process mixes various chemicals (and oestrogen mimicking hormones) with your food. Eating such food creates hormonal imbalance that can lead to health issues like PCOD, ovarian issues, breast cancers, colon cancer, prostrate cancers, and many others.

Where do you use plastic the most? 
People today usually use plastic containers to store warm leftovers or Styrofoam cups to drink hot coffee. The leaching process of chemicals into your food/drink takes only little heat to start. Even if the food is kept in the refrigerator, the heat from the food can cause harm.
What is microwave safe ?
Microwave-safe is just a scam. It means that the bowl, which is also made of plastic, won’t get warped or disfigured with the heat beyond a melting point. Using a micro-safe vessel can very well leach chemicals. Food should be heated on the burner. It just takes four to five minutes more than microwave.

Precautions while eating and drinking 
Before drinking water, transfer water from plastic bottles into glass bottles or stainless-steel/copper vessels. Start storing your food in stainless steel or glass containers. Go to a restaurant to satisfy your food carvings, instead of getting it delivered to your door step. If you want to eat at home, ask the restaurant about the grade of plastic container being used.
Mothers should stop feeding baby milk in plastic bottles. Glass bottle is the best way to avoid unwanted plastic exposure. Stop using fancy plastic tiff in boxes to pack school lunches. Choose simple stainless-steel boxes.

Side effects of oestrogen mimicking hormones and toxins
In males, it results in low sperm count or low-quality sperm. It is difficult for a woman to conceive when the prolactin is high. This further leads to infertility in young couples. Breast cancer is an oestrogen-dominant disease where the tumour is fed by this specific hormone.
If plastic plates not washed properly, the soap residue left behind can be extremely dangerous. Stainless-steel, copper or brass utensils are easier to wash.

It might be impossible to get rid of plastic from our lives, but we can reduce and minimise our usage. This lifestyle change will be worth it.


By Luke Coutinho


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