YBTC INSPIRED: Why you should Begin The Week With Positivity


—YBTC INSIPE: Why you should Begin The Week With Positivity

YBTC News—Once I was reading for a test and found it difficult to comprehend, after a terrible test the day before. I kept hearing, “Just close this book. You will not understand and the test will be as terrible as the last” and I countered with, “I will just try my best no matter what”. So the test came and I didn’t study that part of my note. Yes, not a single hi glance at it! But my mind was already made up; I was not going to have another disagreeable test. So I bent down and wrote everything I remembered on the topic and dropped my pen.

Sundays play an important role in how our weeks turn out. Many people work throughout the week including Saturdays and have only Sunday to catch up with what they missed from the previous week, and prepare for the coming one.

Some people are of the habit of concluding from their Sunday, how terrible the week ahead is going to be like: “O! Tomorrow’s Monday already and I’m still tired.” The thought of Monday just plain scares the life out of them.

Panic creates disorder and discoordination in our minds. It does not allow us to reason properly and find solutions to our problems.

If you would like to have more productive, less stressed week, you need to change how you view your week ahead. See your Sunday as a booster for your week ahead; tell yourself you will go out there tomorrow and put in your best. Tell yourself that whatever happens, there’s always a way out and panic is not a solution.

Start your week with positivity and coordination.

Have an awesome week!


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